caterpixel (caterpixel) wrote in ideasharing,

Whatever Matter Is, It's Not Made of Matter

Although we may not know the external world directly, we can draw conclusions from our experience as to what it might be like. This, in essence, has been the focus of our scientific endeavours. Scientists have sought to understand the functioning of the world around us, and draw conclusions about its true nature.
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Just thought you all might find that article interesting!
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Yeah, that is interesting. How nothing is really "green" in nature, save for the vibration in accordance to our brain's understanding of it. Curious. It just shows how everything is quite relative. Nothing is as it seems. There was this tv show on fox a few years back called "sightings". It talked about how there were certain people in the population, maybe less than 1/10th of 1% who could actually see sounds through various colors. For example, a bird chirping could emit the color "green". It just goes to show us that nothing is quite set as we think it is.

I remember when I was young, they told us at school how if twins were seperated, and one of them went to space for 5-10 years, while the other stayed on Earth, the one on the ground would age faster than the other. I think this had to do with the gravitational pull of the planet around the sun.

This made me wonder, if days are shorter on other smaller planets, would we age faster there?

It's funny how new information seems to bring out new questions.